About My Home Group & Marko Trickovic

Marko Trickovic is an experienced real estate agent with 15 years of experience in the Arizona mortgage and real estate industry. He is also a family man and proud father of two sons. Over the past 15 years Marko has been a multimillion dollar producer and has helped hundreds of personal clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. Whether selling your current home or obtaining financing and negotiating the best possible deal in your future home purchase, Marko and his team of experts have what it takes to help you achieve your goals.

Marko’s real estate journey started at the young age of 19 while he was still attending college. His entrepreneurial spirit lead him to pursue a job in the mortgage industry as a loan officer where he found his first success in the real estate industry. He quickly moved to management where he was in charge of an entire inside sales department and dozens of loan officers at a local mortgage company in Arizona. In 2002 Marko moved to the real estate sales side as a licensed realtor. He and his team sold millions of dollars worth of residential real estate and helped hundreds of people buy and sell homes. During that time period he also perfected new home sales and various forms of real estate investment.

After the crash in 2008 he had the opportunity to see and learn the ins and outs of the devastated real estate market. In 2009 Marko had another opportunity and was asked to go back to the mortgage side with one of the nation’s largest banks. This is where he learned the default side of the mortgage industry, and the retail mortgage underwriting side. For the next 5 years Marko was fortunate to see and be able to participate in everything that caused the rebound in the housing market giving him the edge and inside knowledge that most of his other real estate competitors will never  truly have.

Armed with this knowledge  and true passion in helping his clients achieve their real estate dreams, Marko decided that it was time to come back to being a licensed realtor and he founded the Trickovic Group in 2014. If you want this level of experience and knowledge representing you and negotiating on your behalf then contact Marko and his team today. Remember, it starts with a dream and ends in a home!